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Steve Schwab

Founder & CEO- Casago

After college and several years in the military taking a vacation in Mexico seemed like a good place to recharge. Less then a year later I became the owner of Cyndi's Beach Home Rentals. Soon after, I changed the name to Seaside Reservations.

Now 19 years later I’m a veteran of the vacation rental industry. The company's value proposition is unique, as we bring higher occupancy because of our reach into multiple industries. Now with brick-and-mortar offices in 20 cities, the name "Seaside" no longer was fitting. A rebranding of the company to Casago has already proven to help expand our reach.

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You Can Only Be a Local in One Place, with Casago CEO Steve Schwab

Feb. 8, 2023

Principles, Values and Culture are the Foundation of a Successful Company In today’s episode, Alex and Annie welcome Steve Schwab , CEO of Casago . He shares his unintentional entry into the vacation rental industry and how …

Guest: Steve Schwab