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Matt is the founder of and creator of the upcoming docu-series, Homerunners. He entered vacation rentals after a visit to Panama City, Panama and never looked back. His devotion and passion for the industry is unparalleled as shown by his drive to provide educational resources to property managers large or small. He is the host of the popular Unlocked and How to Save Your Rentals Podcasts as well as the host of "The Vacation Rental Show". Matt is often a featured presenter or speaker at the industries leading events and has a loyal following through his VRMB Communities Inner Circle.

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The Billion Dollar Question: Can Limited Edition Be Scaled? With Matt Landau

Sept. 14, 2022

Matt Landau is one of the most respected thought leaders in vacation rentals. Founder of VRMB, Matt has built an information-sharing media empire, driven by one simple yet effective concept. As he tells us, "If you have a ti…

Guest: Matt Landau