Feb. 8, 2023

You Can Only Be a Local in One Place, with Casago CEO Steve Schwab

You Can Only Be a Local in One Place, with Casago CEO Steve Schwab
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In today’s episode, Alex and Annie welcome Steve Schwab, CEO of Casago.He shares his unintentional entry into the vacation rental industry and how working with the local community is at the core of his success. Steve also talks about Casago University, the company’s in-house training institution, and how this empowers local heroes because their success is the franchise's success too. 

Find out more about Steve and the owner-centric systems he created in this latest episode of Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals.


Steve: The Immutable Principles Of Vacation Rentals

"There are only a few things that are always immutable: transparency, trust, ethics, being centered on your homeowners, making sure they're well-taken care of, loving on your guests so they have an amazing experience to come back. These are sort of the immutable principles but everything else starts over each time, and be humble when you hear what a community wants and needs and don't try to tell them what's best for them."

Steve: Casago University Sets People Up For Success

"I think you do people a disservice when you sit them down and hand them a job and don't set them up for success. In no elite unit was I ever part of in which there wasn't an indoctrination, training, and build out to what was expected from me and how to do my job with it."

Steve: Franchising Builds Up Local Realtors With A Brand Name

"If you look at the top 10 residential real estate companies in the world, they're all franchises, and there's a reason why; it's still a local business like we keep going back to those local realtors know their area, know their city, love their city. They're beholden and accountable to their areas but they needed tech and they needed distribution and they wanted a recognizable name."

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