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Margot Lee Schmorak

CEO and Co-Founder Hostfully

Margot Schmorak is CEO and co-founder of Hostfully, a software platform for short-term and vacation rental managers founded in 2016. Margot was formerly at Apple where she launched the iPhone Developer Program in 2008, and she served as head of marketing for a $250 million business unit at ServiceSource. Margot is also a mom of three young kids and married to Ari Schmorak. She sings in an a cappella group, writes songs, and volunteers for DEI initiatives in the vacation rental industry and in her kids’ schools. She also loves mentoring other founders—especially women and people of color.

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An Authentic Approach to Raising VC Funding, with Hostfully CEO Margot Schmorak

June 8, 2022

Fresh off a major announcement that Hostfully successfully raised $4M in funding, Margot is part of only 2% of venture funded companies led by female founders. Margot credits her success to her ability to lead with transpare…