Dec. 1, 2022

Simon Says: The Vacation Rental Industry Needs More Accessible Properties, Plus End of Year Wrap-up

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It's the 1st of the Month! Tune in as we recap the previous month and look ahead to the next, discussing  industry trends, pacing, events and more. Simon Lehmann of AJL Consulting joins us each month for "Simon Says", where we discuss the latest hot-button issue facing the vacation rental  and short term rental industry.

We re-cap our first month in our new positions with Casago and Homes & Villas by Marriott, along with recent vacation rental headlines from Track, Rented, Lexicon and Texas's advocacy group. We also share a review from our good friend Matt Durrette - big thanks Matt and best wishes for the new year to  him and his team at Cozi Vacation Rentals!

Simon Says: The Vacation Rental Industry Needs More Accessible Properties
Simon invited Rosemarie Rossetti to join us today for a discussion on the need for more accessible vacation rentals. Some OTAs have added Accessible as an amenity choice, but as Rosemarie points out, often it's way too late in the booking process - which creates a great deal of frustration for the millions of guests searching for rentals that can accommodate them.

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Simon Lehmann

CEO/Co-Founder AJL Atelier

Simon is one of the world’s foremost experts on short-term rental and vacation rental. He leads AJL Atelier, a specialised vacation rental and business consultancy while also advising multiple companies as Board Member and Executive Chairman.
A sough-after speaker, panellist and moderator, Simon loves to broach high-level and technical topics alike, from the future trends of short-term rental to the specifics of online distribution in the top 5 OTAs.

Previously, Simon was the Co-Founder & Chairman of Vacasa Europe, former President of PhocusWright and ex-Board member of HomeAway, to name but a few. He’s also an accomplished operator, having led Interhome as CEO, Hotelplan Group as Deputy CEO and Swissport as EVP.