April 1, 2023

1st of the Month Bonus: The Real Women of Distribution, with Michelle Marquis and Vanessa Moore

1st of the Month Bonus: The Real Women of Distribution, with Michelle Marquis and Vanessa Moore
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In today’s episode, Alex and Annie are joined by Michelle Marquis and Vanessa Moore, the Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Distribution respectively at TravelNet Solutions. Michelle talks about their Hospitality Hub which aims to consolidate the efforts of property managers and streamline operations.

Vanessa's expertise is in strategic distribution and she highlights that while they maintain direct connections with channels, they focus on the 20% that serves the 80%. The idea is to be where customers are searching and to have access to the right channels that fit a property manager's current customer base.

There is a proliferation of channels so property managers need to think about their channel mix and how this affects their revenue. Learn about distribution and channel business in this episode of Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals.


Michelle: Hospitality Hub consolidates tech that works better together

"Our vision is as a hospitality hub you can have a choice. The property manager could still say I want to do business with all of these different vendors. Still, our thought is that anywhere we don't partner, we can buy or build and put these technologies and these features into the product so that when it's either natively built or it is complementary to what we do, you put them into one product and that's the hospitality hub."

Vanessa: Be where your customers are searching

"The approach we're taking is that we are direct connecting to the channels that our customers want to be on and where is the biggest ROI, so we might not have the biggest reach, but our connections to those channels are going to be impeccable."

Michelle: Turning the nozzles of channel business for direct business

"I would say that, yes, everybody wants more direct business. Right now, you need to be looking at, and I'm going to call it channel business, but I look at channel businesses online, offline, and distribution. All of those three things, and then making a plan to turn up the nozzles of each one of those things."

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