March 15, 2023

Increasing Last Minute Bookings through Flexible Availability, with Whimstay CEO David Weiss

Increasing Last Minute Bookings through Flexible Availability, with Whimstay CEO David Weiss
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In today’s episode, Alex and Annie chat with David Weiss, the CEO of Whimstay. He shares his background in vacation rentals and the global payments space and his journey to becoming Whimstay's CEO.

David discusses how last-minute bookings are their niche and that their goal is to increase incremental bookings while offering the best deals to travelers. He talks about the initiatives they have for this year like partnering with a technology company, intelligent pricing, and expanding into Europe.

Whimstay believes in flexibility and offers broad payment options, including their patented Split Pay option, to create superior experiences. Find out more about how David and Whimstay serve the needs of property owners and travelers in this episode of Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals.


David: Superior experiences for both property owners and travelers 

"Our mission really is to offer exclusive and unique discounts to travelers with a superior experience, but really just the property owners and managers attract incremental guests and generate incremental bookings. The core of that mission is the last-minute window."

David: Offer travelers the flexibility to pay how they want

"The aspect of flexibility, which for us which would also be inclusive of making it easier to cancel and book and change and extend even with the type of value proposition that we have, in addition to saying let's give the traveler however they want to pay for their vacation. Let's give them the flexibility to pay how they want."

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