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Marc Hostovsky

CEO/Founder Minoan

Marc is a self-proclaimed boutique geek and is passionate about the future of retail. After spending nearly 6 years working at and then Walmart (acquired, he quickly realized that the best product experiences don't happen on screens or shelves, they happen in real moments of use "in the wild". Marc founded Minoan to help hosts create, and capitalize on, rich moments in their homes, save money on everything they need to buy and spend a fraction of the time on the unsexy things that come along with ordering (tracking, routing, logistics, etc.)

Marketing AirBnB

Creating Shoppable, Revenue Driving Experiences, with Minoan Founder Marc Hostovsky

Aug. 24, 2022

Marc Hostovsky, CEO/Founder of Minoan Experience, joins us today for an enlightening look at e-commerce and how vacation rental companies and hosts now have the ability to make their properties a shoppable, revenue driving e…