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Dennis Goedheid

Founder & CEO at Casiola vacation homes

Experienced entrepreneur specialized in technology, marketing, real estate & company culture.

Started my first company at the age of 18 (Xedron)
2 successful exits: Xedron (2005 - event management ) and PrintConcept (2013 - online printing)
Born and raised in Belgium (Europe). Relocated to Orlando (USA) to revolutionize vacation rental investing and management.

OTAs / Distribution Marketing Software

How Strategic Marketing and Technology Paved a Path to Success for Casiola, with Dennis Goedheid

Nov. 30, 2022

Dennis Goedheid has built a budding empire in Orlando, that has recently spawned into Miami and Aruba. His entrepreneurial journey began in Belgium, where he learned the fundamentals of marketing and branding which he has a…