March 1, 2023

1st of the Month Bonus Episode, with Steve Milo and Miriam Ramsey of Vtrips

1st of the Month Bonus Episode, with Steve Milo and Miriam Ramsey of Vtrips
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In today’s episode, Alex and Annie welcome Steve Milo and Miriam Ramsey, the Founder/CEO and Regional Business Development Director of Vtrips respectively. They discuss the latest trends observed from the IMN Conference, the latest headlines from Vacasa, the new purpose-built cabins of Vtrips, fighting for smarter legislation, and organizing people in the collaborative committee of the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA).

Inside Current Headlines

Steve shares his experience as a panelist at the IMN Conference which was very different from the traditional vacation rentals conferences, with a much more investor-heavy crowd. He also points out how they’re proactively lowering their ADRs to get occupancy, while Miriam highlights how important it is to communicate with homeowners this year in an unpredictable travel economy.

Inside Advocacy

Steve discusses how he helped set up the Texas Professional Vacation Rental Coalition. This organization is now lobbying for a bill that preempts local governments from regulating vacation rentals so we can be treated more like hotels, bed and breakfasts, and timeshares. Steve also brings to light how the VRMA collaborative committee helps the vacation rental industry lobby for smart regulation.

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Steve: The IMN Conference pulled in a lot of investors 

"In the course of two days, I met so many people representing funds, in some cases small funds, large funds, in some cases multi-billion dollar funds, who were all looking to get into the short-term rental on the asset side. So they were looking to like, how do we buy large pieces of vacation rentals?"

Steve: Join the VRMA to lobby support for the vacation rental industry

"The VRMA, because they raised so much money last year, is even giving grants to state coalitions and to local communities that are forming alliances like Tybee Island to try to fight some of these bad regulations. But the VRMA exists and so I hope more people join the VRMA."

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