Tune in for this special episode where we speak with Miller Hawkins, VRMA President and Owner of Booe Realty about the recent Spring Forum in Chicago. Advocacy was top of mind at this event, as vacation rental managers came together to find a way to protect the industry from the rise in short term rental laws. While local governments are enacting these laws to prevent the problems that stem from the "bad apples" on Airbnb, they are also jeopardizing the livelihoods of legacy companies who have always operated professionally and above board.

As the opening session drew to a close, Miller took the stage to ask for continued support of the VRMA Advocacy Fund that Steve Milo of VTrips formed a few years ago. The goal was to raise $250,000 at the event, and Miller asked anyone who was willing to donate $10,000+ to join him on stage. Several companies jumped right up, with enthusiasm and check book in-hand, and within 10 minutes, more than $300,000 had been raised. By the end of the day, total donations came to $432,600 for the VRMA Advocacy Fund. Way to go Miller, VRMA Staff & Board of Directors!

We also touch on Airbnb's new overreaching policy, and preview the upcoming Executive Summit and VRMA International events.