This is Part 1 of a special 2 part series with Ed St. Onge, President of (or as we like to call him, the OG of Channel Management.) Why are there 2 episodes? Because 1 just wasn't enough! Ed takes us on a journey that is nothing short of astounding, starting from his early days as the President of EZ Yield, the very first ever channel manager for hotels that was later sold to Travel Click (then acquired by Amadeus). The technology EZYield built in the early 2000's laid the bricks for future channel and rate management software that is utilized today, and in this unprecedented interview, Ed shares behind-the-scenes stories of the challenges and triumphs of pioneering a business where there was no roadmap to follow.

On next week's episode, Ed tells us about, a guest experience platform that Alex & the Condo-World team have used since 2017. In just the past year, this program has enabled Alex to grow her email database by 150,000 qualified email leads. Yes, you read that right! As Vrbo and Airbnb have continued to dominate market share of vacation rental bookings, Condo-World has been able to maintain their 95% direct booking / 5% OTA ratio. has been a major component of this success and Alex is excited to share her story on next week's episode!