Steve Milo joins us today for a candid Q&A you DON’T want to miss! As founder and CEO of Vtrips, Steve has grown the company from a handful of vacation rentals in 2006 to nearly 7,000, acquiring 10 companies just in the past year with a goal to hit 10,000 by the end of 2022. This massive expansion doesn’t just happen overnight; but as Steve reveals, his success has been as much opportunistic as it has been planned.

Topics we also cover:

- Differences between Vtrips and Vacasa’s business models
- Predictions as we head into 2023 (and presumably a recession)
- How keeping local brands in place has been a pillar of their success
- Choosing Track as their PMS – was it a good decision?
- Advocacy efforts – what can other states learn from Florida?
- Importance of establishing that our industry is not the same thing as Airbnb