It's the 1st of the Month! Tune in as we recap the previous month and look ahead to the next, discussing industry trends, pacing, events and more. Simon Lehmann of AJL Atelier joins us each month for "Simon Says", where we discuss the latest hot-button issue facing the vacation rental and short term rental industry.

Simon Says..."Human Capital is KEY to Profitability"
In a rapidly changing business environment, companies and investors are realizing the importance of human capital in their acquisition strategies. If a particular business model doesn't work out, the right employees can be redirected - finding the right people is most important. Simon joins us today to dive into the top 5 things you must focus on to create a profitable business. This topic is applicable to ANY industry!

Alex & Annie's List: Here Comes the A-TEAM!

We are very excited to launch Alex & Annie's List, a curated group of the top suppliers within the industry and our GO-TO experts in their respective categories! Each company on Alex & Annie's List will have a seat on our "A-Team" - these SME's (Subject Matter Experts) will be collaborating with us on Ask-Me-Anything episodes, webinars, live events & more! Next month, we'll announce our lineup of "All-Stars" - these are the Exceptional Property Managers that will join us as we collaborate with the A-Team to connect the dots between what the products and services that are being built and what is TRULY needed.

We're still rounding out a few categories for Alex & Annie's List, so if you're interested in participating, please reach out to us! Our goal is to build this into a community that helps the industry and all of our businesses grow and succeed. Collaboration is the key ingredient that makes our industry so special. We are beyond excited to share this journey with ALL of you!