Tune in for today's episode with David Krauss, CEO and Co-Founder of Rent Responsibly, the organization that has helped thousands of managers from coast to coast as they deal with the influx of short term rental laws that are infringing on the industry. In most cases, short term rental laws are enacted by municipalities to combat issues created by the new wave of individual hosts that can now easily rent properties on Airbnb and Vrbo. Disruptive guests and hosts that don't pay taxes are among the top concerns, but while these laws are successful at eliminating those issues, they are also shutting down the professionally managed rental companies that operate their businesses above-board.

David's experience renting his own condo in Texas years ago led him to co-found NoiseAware, after one of his guests' had a party that got out of control and he was fined for a noise violation. This A-HA moment put David on a path to find a solution that would allow him manage guests and not be in violation of any HOA or local laws. Their technology provided an answer to this problem, but then David recognized a different need - to connect hosts with other hosts in communities that were staring down these STR restrictions.

Rent Responsibly provides tools and alliance management services equip local leaders to build successful, self-sustaining organizations of short-term rental hosts, managers and all other stakeholders. They make it easy for leaders and members to connect, collaborate, solve common challenges, advocate for themselves, steward their communities, and rent responsibly.