Tracy Johnstone is one of those leaders who if you are lucky enough to encounter on your career journey, will aspire you to become so much more than you ever thought possible. As a female who rose to the top of the ranks of corporate McDonald's in the 1990’s, Tracy shares how she built her confidence and found her voice in a male dominated boardroom. She recalls, “There’s lots of seats at the table… I just learned early on, which ones I wanted. Just being on the team wasn’t enough for me, at some point. I knew the seat I wanted, and I started working on my skill set to get that seat.”

Mic-drop moment right there. This episode is jam packed with them!

A master of margins, Tracy explains how she taught her employees to understand profitability through ketchup packets and how a handful of ketchup became an A-HA moment for her staff as she transparently shared the P+L of her restaurants with all employees.

Tracy also shares a vivid account of how she led the recovery efforts of Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle back in 2018, and then, led her company and employees through COVID. While she had no idea at the time, these two situations were leading up to the biggest challenge of her life - a breast cancer diagnosis that came at the end of 2020, which led to her decision to sell the business.

Tune in to be inspired and uplifted! One favorite takeaway we had to sneak in: “The more you do, the more people will let you do.”