Steve Trover is a 25-year vacation rental industry veteran whose career took off in the 1990's when he founded All Star Vacation Homes (ASVH), a property management company in Orlando that he expanded to include several different business models in 4 total markets. Steve designed, developed, and/or built hundreds of vacation homes during this time, and served as President and Vice President of the Vacation Rental Manager Association (VRMA) over a 5-year period. Steve's deep understanding of the business and entrepreneurial prowess led him to develop his own property management software, which later became LiveRez.

In 2017, the vacation rental industry was stunned when ASVH permanently closed their doors. In this candid interview, Steve shares the challenges his company faced during this time and the missteps that left him no choice but to close the business. He also shares the story of "The Switch", an initiative led by VRMA during his tenure as President (2010) to protect the brands of professionally managed vacation rental companies from losing control to the OTAs and streamline distribution. While this initiative was ultimately derailed, it put a necessary spotlight on many of the challenges that we are still dealing with today.

If there's one word to describe Steve, it would be resilient. He understands that while there is great satisfaction in recalling how much has been accomplished, the richness of the memories and lessons learned come from recalling the WHOLE STORY - the lows as well as the highs. Steve shares his successes with humbleness and his failures with humility, which reveals how truly passionate he is about the industry and helping those around him navigate their own paths.

Today, Steve is CEO and Founder of Better Talent, where he helps companies with their single most important task: Building and developing a cohesive team.



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