Lino Maldonado is recognized as one of the industry's most innovative players, known for his collaborative spirit and uncanny ability to see opportunity where most see road blocks. Lino's career includes 23 years with Wyndham Vacation Rentals as VP of Operations, where he managed a staff of 1200 employees and a budget in excess of $500M. Utilizing his wealth of knowledge and experience as an operator, Lino joined BeHome247 in 2019 to lead the charge and development of cutting-edge smart home technology, workflow automation and energy management solutions for the accommodations and real estate industry.

Lino shares stories of the early days at ResortQuest and Abbott Resorts when property management companies were powered by AS400's and green screens, and the evolution that has since turned into The Leaning Tower of Tech for many property management companies using disparate systems. BeHome247 allows the front of the house to talk to the back of the house, with the ability for each client to customize the platform to fit their own unique use cases. This is very clearly a product built by operators, for operators.

We also dive into the synergies Lino saw while at Wyndham between the vacation rental and timeshare divisions, and the programs he developed to optimize inventory efficiently. Alex and Lino recently attended GNEX Conference and participated in a panel specific to this topic, along with Ryan Dame of Casago, Scott Bunce of Cabins for You, and Gregg Anderson, moderated by Amy Hinote. Stay tuned for more episodes on this topic!

Lino served as Chairman for VISIT FLORIDA during 2018-2019 and Chairman of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association in 2016. He was also selected by Governor Rick Scott as one of his six appointees to serve on the Gulf Consortium, which was tasked with helping to structure the States expenditure plan for the settlement funds from the 2010 BP Gulf Oil spill.

Cell: 850-685-8325