March 16, 2022

Top 5 Things Vacation Rentals Can Learn from Hotels, with Pete DiMaio

Top 5 Things Vacation Rentals Can Learn from Hotels, with Pete DiMaio

Today we are joined by Pete DiMaio for a very special episode! Pete is Vice President of Travel Boom Marketing, the hotel industry's leading marketing agency and on this episode he joins us to share the Top 5 Things Vacation Rentals Can Learn from Hotels. We recently joined Pete on his show The Hotel Marketing Podcast to share what hotels can learn from vacation rentals. This was a fun switch-a-roo episode and it is packed with helpful information!

Pete details the following tips:

#1: The On-Property Experience Sells The Stay:

  • Meeting the “innkeeper” and not just transacting a purchase 
  • Enjoying the amenities (are they available via the vacation rental company)?
  • The moment a guest steps foot on your property is the moment you are selling the next stay. Are you able to add value to their stay?  Are you able to surprise and delight?

#2: Maximize Your email and owned assets:

  • Social channels such as Facebook, IG, TikTok and others
  • Email communications
  • Email automation
  • Triggered messages

#3: Own your Guest through Remarketing & Reengagement:

  • Email 
  • Paid re-targeting
  • Communications
  • Asking for reviews, etc

#4: Reduce Booking Engine Abandonment Through Transparent Pricing:

  • Your potential guests will abandon a booking if they’re hit with massive fees on the checkout page.
  • Example of property who increased their checkout fees and saw conversion rate drop by over 50%
  • Build the value from the onset

#5: Spend the Time, Money, & Effort In Your Marketing:

  • Focus time and effort to optimize your website, marketing, and communications channels and avoid getting too mired in the day-to-day management and operations. 

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Pete Dimaio Profile Photo

Pete Dimaio

Vice President- Director Client Services & Marketing

Pete DiMaio is the vice president and director of marketing at TravelBoom. With TravelBoom, Pete takes an analytics approach to hotel marketing and works tirelessly to ensure his clients are able to drive occupancy, increase RevPAR, and improve direct bookings; all while providing a granular level of reporting that proves the return on investment. Pete has over two decades of experience in hospitality marketing from both the traditional and digital sides of the business. Pete is active in the hospitality community both with HSMAI and as the host of the Hotel Marketing Podcast.