April 12, 2023

Making Vacation Rental Security Fun Again, with Guest Ranger’s Salar Tanzif

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In today’s episode, Alex and Annie feature Salar Tanzif, the VP of Sales at Guest Ranger. Security has become a primary concern for both property managers and homeowners. As a result, screening guests is essential to ensure that bad actors are detected and prevented from causing harm or damage.

Guest Ranger, a risk management company, offers screening services that help to detect shady backgrounds, fraudulent activities, and other red flags that could indicate a problematic guest. Salar discusses patterns of fraudulent activity, as well as the measures in place to detect and defeat them.

Salar breaks down the different security levels property managers can employ and how Guest Ranger's "frictionless checks" operate behind the scenes. Learn about the cat-and-mouse game behind vacation rental security in this episode of Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals.


Salar: The most common red flags for fraudulent bookings

"One of the common patterns is local guests, another common pattern are last minute reservations of someone booking a day, two days before reservation. That's a common pattern. Or even the amounts of the units, so the dollar value of that reservation, if it's over $10,000, $20,000 these are things that are not red flags but things that you should look into more."

Salar: Verification of multiple security checks takes only 12 seconds

"The process of the guests going through it should take no more than 10, 12 seconds because all they're doing is they're taking a picture of their ID and a selfie and a credit card if needed. And then right after, immediately after the guest does that, we notify the PM and say, hey, here are the results. Either it failed or passed."

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Salar Tanzif

VP Sales - Guest Ranger