March 8, 2023

Human Capital is the Most Important Capital, with Steve Trover, CEO of Better Talent

Human Capital is the Most Important Capital, with Steve Trover, CEO of Better Talent
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In today’s episode, Alex and Annie sit down with Steve Trover, the Founder, and CEO of Better Talent. Knowing a person makes connecting their talents with the right jobs easier. Interestingly, Steve is also the one who brought together Annie and her current role today at Homes & Villas by Marriott International. 

Steve talks about the people stack and how optimizing human capital has a profound effect because it is most companies' single biggest cost. He shares how a company's integrator works with its visionary to execute the vision, as well as the difficulty in hiring for this role. 

Find out more about the best practices for acquiring your human capital, from full-time employees to consultants to virtual assistants, in this episode of Alex & Annie: The Real Women of Vacation Rentals.


Steve: Optimize the people stack because it is the biggest cost 

"The people stack though, really lends itself and speaks to the fact that most companies today, if they're running optimally, don't just have full-time employees with big salaries. They might have full-time, part-time, independent contractors, consultants, global talent, you know, virtual assistance, that type of thing." 

"And what we do with our clients is really look at their overall cost structure, which by the way, if you look at a VRMs P&L, I've looked at hundreds, if not a thousand of them, the number one cost by far on every P&L of every VRM I've ever looked at is people."

Steve: Integrators work with the team to execute the vision

"If they don't have somebody to execute that vision or a group of individuals that again, are rowing in the right direction, that vision is not going to happen. And you know, I ran a really great company, I believe for a lot of years. I waited way too long to get my integrator. And so the integrator in EOS speak is really the person that takes that vision, works with the individuals on the team, the different departmental leads the leadership team to execute on the vision."

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