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Marcus Rader

CEO /Co-Founder- Hostaway

Marcus Räder is co-founder and CEO of Hostaway, the leading all-in-one vacation rental management software. Originally from Finland, Marcus has lived in many countries around the world including Sweden, Poland and The Netherlands before settling in Canada. It was this passion for travel and dedication to learning about the vacation rental ecosystem that enabled the creation of Hostaway. The company was then built from deep expertise in technology with over a decade of tech start-up success between its founders. In his spare time, Marcus enjoys following the latest in the venture capital markets alongside playing guitar and listening to death metal with his daughter.

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How Planting Seeds Turns into ROL (Return on Luck), with Hostaway CEO Marcus Räder

May 25, 2022

In this insightful and candid interview with Hostaway CEO, Marcus Räder takes us on an eye-opening journey of what companies really learn as they attempt to grow with investment capital. Marcus joins us today as another memb…

Guest: Marcus Rader