May 24, 2023

Unveiling the Secrets of High-End Concierge Service for Vacation Rentals with Kristin Brown

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In our latest episode, we sit down with Kristin Brown CEO of Concishare, a prominent lifestyle concierge management company to explore high-end concierge service for vacation rentals.  What does it take to provide a seamless experience and create an atmosphere of total relaxation for your guests? And what is the right mindset and strategies needed to excel in this space?

Join us for an insightful conversation with Kristin as we explore the world of hotel-level concierge service tailored for vacation rentals. Discover her guests' most frequently utilized service, the intricacies of logistics, forging partnerships, and uncovering the realm of vacation rentals in various destinations. Don't miss out on this engaging episode - tune in now to gain valuable insights and enhance your understanding of exceptional concierge service in the vacation rental industry.

Highlights of the Episode
00:44 - Guest Intro: Kristin Brown

01:12 – Kristin's background

02:56 – Replicating hotel level concierge for multiple destinations

06:13 – Seamless transition from hotels to vacation rentals

09:32 – Most used service

13:42 – Coordinating logistics

19:15 – Dealing with big events and sellout situations

22:04 – Repeat guests

26:04 – Markets and finding partners for on off markets

28:43 – Partners big and small

31:11 – Vacation rentals in other destinations

34:14 – Oddest request from a guest

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Alex Husner (00:00:38) - Welcome to Alex and Annie, the Real Women of Vacation Rentals. I'm Alex.

Kristin Brown (00:00:42) - And I'm Amy.

Alex Husner (00:00:44) - And we are joined today with Kristen Brown, who is the founder of Clancy Share. Kristen, welcome to the show.

Kristin Brown (00:00:50) - Thank you for having me. Happy to be here. And so excited everything that you ladies are doing in the vacation rentals space.

Alex Husner (00:00:57) - Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you. We're excited to learn more about what, what you're bringing into the space too. And I know you've got quite a bit of history and experience, um, within tourism and, and hospitality and now vacation rentals. But can you give our audience a little bit of your background and a little bit who, who you are? Yeah,

Kristin Brown (00:01:13) - Absolutely. So I actually grew up in luxury hotels. Um, my last property was with the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale. Um, basically my first job in the industry was a concierge. Felt completely in love with the role. Decided about 10 years later to take a huge leap of faith and actually start my own company, um, at the time realized that there was a niche in the vacation rental market where people were really adjusting to a home type of stay and wanting the comfort and leisure of a home, and obviously being altogether in a region like that. And instead of divided into different hotel rooms and whatnot, but really needing and lacking the service. And so about five years ago, just started to start, uh, concierge share and really launched this high-end concierge service for guests are seen in vacation rentals. It's really, really neat. And I think that, um, one of the things that Alex and I have talked about is that there's a lot of crossover between hotels and vacation rentals and things that we can learn from each other. And I think the one thing that the, um, vacation rentals have struggled with is exactly what you're, the service you're providing is being able to provide that customized level of service. I know we've talked to, um, Julie Bird with Cabo Villas, um, down in Cabo, Mexico, and her team does an incredible job. But again, it's a very localized thing. And what you're doing is not just in one area. You're trying to offer this in multiple markets. So I'd really love to hear like, how,

Alex Husner (00:02:40) - How did

Kristin Brown (00:02:40) - You think that you could be able to take, again, what you had been doing at the hotel level for concierge, for a hotel guest where you had the connections right there? You had your, obviously you had your, your Rolodex of people that you could call for restaurants and tickets and those type of things. How did you think you could replicate that and do that in multiple destinations? Yeah, absolutely. So during my tenure with Fairmont, um, by the time my team and I finished, we were actually number one in the world. Um, so we were trailblazing as you could say it, within Fairmont Resorts, um, and running the most high-end part within the hotel. And so really for me with that, and then also I used to be the vice president and one of the largest national concierge associations in the country. Um, it really kind of allows you to spread your wings, not only from a networking standpoint, but being able to have arms in multiple markets.

Kristin Brown (00:03:30) - Right? And even with like within hospitality, most people to grow within a hotel segment, they actually have to move around quite a bit. Um, and that means different destinations. And that really has allowed us one, between myself and my team and having over 200 years of hospitality experience together, um, to really be able to branch out and have these relationships in all these different markets. And actually through Covid, we launched about seven cities, um, which was massive for us. And really being able to become a national brand, um, basically operating in any and every market within the us Um, if it's a place that we have not officially launched per se yet, we can normally do it within 30 days. So, you know, anything is possible in our mind and we're really here just to serve and bring that level of, um, excellence into the gas experience, but most importantly, to give them back their time.

Kristin Brown (00:04:25) - Cause I feel like we live in a place and time within the world that that's the most precious commodity that they can have. Yeah, absolutely. And I think you, you do a lot with big groups, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, absolutely. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. So I mean, really we like to say we do a full spectrum of service. So in-home services from arranging like private chefs to masseuses yoga, I mean, as far as group business, we've built an entire, um, like offsite meeting space for clients in vacation rental setting, which has been a massive driver for our partners where, you know, they can have this like, intimate setting from a group right? Standpoint, but at the same time still have the level of execution that they would expect in a hotel, um mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, that's really where, you know, we've not only been able to bring those service to the guests, but also make this a true win for our partners as well.

Kristin Brown (00:05:17) - So one thing that, um, one thing that we talk about within vacation rentals, and it was interesting, Alex alluded to, before we started recording, we talked to, um, the c e O of Casa go, Steve Schwab, and he's there in, in your market. And, and we talked about, uh, the vacation rental industry being a feeling and being, um, something that was, is very personal and there's a lot of personal touch and a lot of emotion that goes into it. And one of the things about concierge, if that's even a word, is that <laugh>, you, you, you are, you are, uh, you're evoking a feeling and an emotion with all of the services that you're providing for these people as an experienced. Um, and it, and it in all that, it builds up a trust factor. And so clearly you had a lot of trust and a lot of capital built up in that area that you had from the hotel standpoint.

Kristin Brown (00:05:58) - And so that really, to me, translates very well into vacation rentals. Um, have you seen it easier to, to get into like maybe than you had fought with vacation rentals? Or has it been pr pretty seamless coming over from the hotel side? To be honest, it's been pretty seamless from the execution of the experiences. I would say it's more so it's a surprise for the guests that are staying at the home and realizing that they have this surveys, um, where, you know, normally most vacation rentals don't have it, right, or they can't offer it, or it's on a minimal scale. So really, one, we're able to enhance the brand and the experience for vacation rental partners, um, and really being able to provide this service to their guests, but also for the guests. I mean, once they've tried us, they've fallen in love. And even to a point where some of them, they actually, we have a private membership too, where the clients will then onboard with us and we'll take care of them wherever they travel to. So for us, it's more so giving people back their time, um, ultimately what their heart desires while they're traveling, whether it's for business or pleasure or play or what have you, a bachelorette to wedding or anything of that sort. But again, I mean, we're just here to make anything possible for these people. So it does invoke more of a, uh, a sense of peace feeling for them, I think, more than many things.

Alex Husner (00:07:24) - Yeah, absolutely. And it takes the responsibility off of the guests to, to do that, to, you know, cause mean it's like most of us are not planners at scale or, you know, typically do things like this. And, and there's a lot of moving parts to it, um, especially with these larger groups. So, and really with vacation rentals in general, I think that's part of why our booking process is, is longer and requires a lot more questions because if you're going on vacation with two or three other families and you know, this is a big investment for everybody, you don't wanna be the one that messes that up and chooses the wrong accommodations or that you didn't ask the right questions and then it's your fault that everything went wrong. I mean, that's like the, the one thing we all fear <laugh> the most. If you stay in a rental with a bunch of, with other people, um, it makes sense. It's kind of, it's just an, what you guys are doing is an extension of still kind of that same, same mentality, but

Kristin Brown (00:08:15) - Yeah, absolutely. Well, and that's really kind of the benefit and pleasure of having the service is that normally there's always someone right within the group who is the main planner or coordinator, whether it's for a weekend experience or a girls' weekend or bachelorette bachelor or whatnot, executive trip. Um, and we're really here to be that liaison for them so they can also sit back and relax and enjoy their time with their friends or family or loved ones and mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it, it changes things when you're in your travel and especially, you know, as we've all been adjusting to, uh, this new world we're living in. Um, and the accessibility to last minute restaurant reservations. I mean, we are just taking care of a client the other day and here at Superbowl weekend, and most restaurants have buyouts and completely, you know, at capacity. And because of our service, we're actually able to get them in the back door and get the guests exactly what they want.

Kristin Brown (00:09:07) - Um, so there's a lot of, uh, keys to the city that a concierge truly has that we can go in and provide that for them versus them going to open table and looking at themselves or mm-hmm. <affirmative> fully the restaurant where they're gonna probably not get a reservation until 10 o'clock at night or be told no completely, so mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. What's, what services used the most, uh, the money that you have? Ooh. I mean, depends on the time of year. I would say the most the guests are wanting to experience in the home would be either like our in-home massage service or private chefs. Um, really, again, it gives that element of a relaxation and relaxing vacation to them. Well, I would say, you know, the pre arrival grocery, even decor, that's a huge game changer because again, when you're coming in and you already are carrying all your stuff right, and you're probably stressed, what if your flight's delayed?

Kristin Brown (00:10:07) - And all of these things, like last thing you wanna think about is now having to go to the grocery store and spend Exactly, yeah. Potentially hours there, right? To get enough for, it could be up to 8, 10, 15 people depending on the size of the home, right. And what they can accommodate. And so one of our services we have, it's like our fold of fridge, essentially, where our butlers will go in and pre stock the home with all their favorite drink snacks, whatever that might be to them. Um, so it's all sitting there ready, pulling their arrival, which the guests obviously love. And then, you know, we've taken it even further where we do like, uh, charcuterie and champagne or if they want wine or margaritas or whatever like that waiting for them when they step foot into the door. So it's really that enhanced level of service, again, that you would normally experience at a hotel, whether it's a welcome amenity or something like that.

Kristin Brown (00:10:57) - We help provide and execute that for the guests too. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I used, that's not your service. Um, and didn't know about it, but my husband and I went to, um, Keystone Colorado a few years back. I'm not sure if I told you about this when we talked and, um, we, I kind of hemmed and hot about doing it. I was like, yeah, I mean, there's a, there's a grocery, there's, it's close by. Like we can go to a whatever. And then very last minute, I just said, you know what? I don't wanna have to worry about anything. And thank God we did, because we got stuck there. That's when lockdown happened. And had we not had groceries, we would've had, we wouldn't have been able to get any food, you know, so we, we ended up leaving early. So, you know, the food, we kind of left for the, the housekeeping staff, but thank God we had gotten that service.

Kristin Brown (00:11:34) - And I think, you know, there are times when you're in these ski resorts or sometimes you're just in an area where something happens and you can't get to where you need to go to, to get the food or get the groceries. And so sometimes it's just having that comfort that your home is set up for you to be able to live in and survive. Yeah. That's, that's an extreme case, but in my, in my situation, it worked out and, and it made it in my mind that if we go to go anywhere like that again, we're always gonna do the groceries, just even to have the basic minimums. Yes. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> so that if something, again, power goes out and you can't get anywhere, or there's a flood or there's an avalanche or, or what snowstorm, and you, obviously, I'm not gonna drive 'em from Florida, I'm not gonna drive in a snowstorm.

Kristin Brown (00:12:10) - But it's, it's good to have that level of comfort to, you know, for your vacation to be whole. Yeah. Well, and to kind of piggyback on that, so in Hilton Head for example, we have a great partner that we work with out there, but the guests during the summer for Memorial Day to Labor Day, they only require week long rentals. So everyone is checking in and out on a Saturday, um, which is great, obviously for the businesses and all of that, but it makes it chaos for the guests that are coming in cuz everyone's going grocery shopping at the same time. Right. Have over 40,000 vacation rentals on an island and it's wild. And so that's really where our butlers, we can go in and we'll pre-shop and pre-talk and all that kind of stuff. So as soon as the house is vacant or the condo or what have you, we go in and we make sure everything's ready for the guests. And again, it's giving them that back, that measure of time. But I think even more so when you're traveling to a new destination, you might not know what are the best markets in the area. Right. You know, and being able to really, again, give them ultimately what they want and desire and they don't have to worry about the hassle of it. Um, it's their vacation. They're there to relax and enjoy and play, in my opinion. So yeah.

Alex Husner (00:13:22) - Now how do you coordinate the logistics of this? So when, and especially in Hilton Head, like you said, I mean, that's like a Saturday turn day kind of market. So when the guests check out at 10, the main service is in there. What, when do you go and are you getting access from the property management company or is the guests giving you a code when they get it? How does that work?

Kristin Brown (00:13:42) - Um, so all of our partners that we work with, we actually, uh, we inform them of any of the services that we have booked for their home, if it's a pre-arrival amenity. Ok. Um, and this, with the fridge stocking, it's a little bit more of a one-off, right. So mm-hmm. We do inform them. Uh, we have access into their renovation system so we can see when houses are vacant and clean and all that kind of thing. So it makes it very easy from a logistics standpoint. Um, but really, you know, we're coordinating with her about layers and making sure that the guests have ultimately what they need. And from having a hotel background running operations and running one of the highest in resorts in Scottsdale to now being a national company, I mean, this is the ease of operation. So for us it's more of, um, the last minute requests, I think, where we have an N F L player flying in town and needs a villa in Scottsdale within a three hour notice and making that type of thing happen. Um, which we execute every time. So, you know, for us it's, no task is too small or grandiose essentially. It's really between our team's background, again within hospitality and having over 200 plus years combined together, um, we're all passionate about what we do. We love the service out of it, but, you know, we're here to take care of them and ultimately fulfill every desire and wish that they have. So yeah,

Alex Husner (00:15:03) - We'll be back in just a minute afterward from our premier brand sponsor, kago,

**** (00:15:11) - Well, we're a family run owned company. Uh, family run, only family works in it. And, you know, we're kind of a boutique, as people had said, I'm not sure what boutique means, but that's what we are. When I started this business helping one lady out who did all of the work herself and just wanted me to look after her property and make sure that the housekeeper got it clean, I thought I was the only person doing this because it was vacation rental by owner and I wasn't an owner.

Kristin Brown (00:15:43) - That's Michael Godfrey, owner operator of Sun Valley, Idaho Casa franchise. Michael started the business in 2012 growing organically by building relationships and trust within his high-end resort community.

**** (00:15:56) - I'm a ski instructor, my son's a ski instructor, my daughter's a ski instructor, and that makes you an ambassador right off the bat of Sun Valley. We get tourist in, we get people in that, that look at our lives and just say, oh, if I could ever live a life like this. So we appreciate that and we know how blessed we are to live this life. And then to have something like this business, which gets it's number one goal, is to bring people here and show them how we live and let them experience it. Also,

Alex Husner (00:16:32) - We asked Michael if he had ever imagined that he would be part of a vacation rental franchise.

**** (00:16:37) - I had no idea there was even such a thing. I went down there and met with, uh, you know, Casa at their office and uh, you know, it was pretty impressive. And I started to realize how we could, uh, really piggyback on there and, and bring in their, uh, the resources that they have into our company and not even costing us any more money because we're already paying, uh, percentages out to our various purveyors of, uh, uh, uh, you know, different channel masters and, and, uh, revenue managers and, and, uh, property management software and stuff. And so it's really not a cost in, in many ways, I believe it's gonna simplify what we do by putting everything more in one basket and having it so spread out. So Casa a offers such a, a large suite of, of, um, services that I look at as employees as having depth.

**** (00:17:35) - So by going with Costco, I become a much bigger company with no great, uh, with, with no additional, uh, expenses, you know, no overhead. I mean, I don't consider that overhead, and yet I've got the, the, um, you know, backing of a large, you know, successful business by going with them. I just think we can, uh, you know, grow bigger without adding employees and, uh, and having, you know, the depth and knowledge of these guys that really do it well. I've mentioned before I said, you never know you got in on the ground floor or something until you're on the 10th floor and you're looking back. So I think it's just, uh, I've met the people there. They're personable, they run their business like we do. It's all about relationship and you know, they know stuff. I know stuff we work together and, but they're, uh, you know, they've got their resources to, um, to help out when I've got questions,

Kristin Brown (00:18:31) - To hear more stories from franchisees like Michael and learn about Casa Go's vacation rental franchise model, visit casa I have to ask on that, like, so I imagine you're dealing with N F nfl, like when big events come in, you're dealing with some people that aren't used to being told no. Yes. So you have to really, you have to really make sure that you've got a lot, have you ever been stuck in a situation where I, I was just thinking like, I, you know, the number of times that I've been in a sellout situation, you're like trying to figure out what you're gonna do with someone and you're really just grasping at straws and you kind of joke like, okay, should we give 'em the broom closet? Should I bring them home with me? Like, have you had situations like that where you just didn't know what you were gonna do and it was like literally down to the wired against them <laugh>? You know, it's so crazy. So I, we have been so blessed that we have actually been able to fill every request the guests have given us. Again, as long as it's legal, we can do it because <laugh> requesting Juan, I'm sorry, sorry. Yeah. Yeah.

Kristin Brown (00:19:34) - But really, you know, like we had, uh, a specific client who is a famous singer and was about to go on a world tour, and I think any had shared this with you before, but that, you know, basically she stepped foot into her vacational home and she's very much a minimalist and uh, likes things a specific way, design all that. And here she's launching her world tour and the home was the complete opposite. Like it was heavy browns and reds and she likes things clean and whites and all of that. And we, we transformed an entire state for her in 24 hours to finding her kids, um, a uh, Olympic swim coach to teach her kids how to swim cuz you're their little babies. Right. And we can't just have anyone teaching her kids how to swim. So, okay. Yeah. And, uh, yeah, and again, all of this within 24 hours and being able to, oh my goodness, pop in.

Kristin Brown (00:20:30) - So, you know, I think that's kind of the beauty of all of us having the background, not only ity, but in hotels where it's like you're just used to like putting out fires all day long kind of thing, right? Yes. Yeah. No task or challenge is really too difficult to say. Um, again, as long as it's legal, we can make it happen. But, you know, I think that's what's kind of been the joy in all with what we do. It's the challenge that makes our team excited and, you know, I mean we took care of a, a sports team who, for NBA All Stars, they wanted to go to a specific restaurant and they could not get in to save their life. And another team had bought out this restaurant and we were able to coordinate with the PR person for their team and their PR person for the other team to coordinate to allow x, y, Z players and coaches and whatever to come in and dine with them. So the book,

Alex Husner (00:21:23) - Oh wow. Oh wow. Yeah.

Kristin Brown (00:21:26) - Yeah. There's, there's really, in my opinion, there's always a way. Um, yeah. You know, our slogan, our main tagline is that we believe anything is possible. So it's what makes us thrive. But I would say more than anything, you know, that's why the guests continue to come back and then even why they able utilize us and other destinations they travel to. Cause they know, we'll we will move mountains to make sure they have an incredible stay. Um, yeah. And that's really the game changer in the service aspect in my mind. Sure.

Alex Husner (00:21:56) - Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Now do you get a lot of repeat guests that wanna use the service when they go back to that destination or that they go to another destination?

Kristin Brown (00:22:04) - Yeah, I mean, we have, I can think of this one gentleman, he's so kind. Um, they come every year to come play golf. It's a group of executives and we have a service where we literally will have one of our butlers transport, they're golf clubs from course to course that they go and play it every day. Um, because again, they wanna take their specific cars and you know, there's 20 of them and they can't do all that themselves. So we go and we do it and it's become this like, ongoing joke now where we've taken care of him, I think for five years since the company started. And he's just like, please don't go anywhere

Alex Husner (00:22:38) - <laugh>. That's not,

Kristin Brown (00:22:41) - But yeah, that's really the repeat customer. I mean, that's everything, right? And they fall in love with the service then that's what we're doing. That's how we make again, a good job. So especially

Alex Husner (00:22:52) - Within this industry too, I think it, it probably a pretty good likelihood that they would wanna go back through you for, you know, the private dining or something that they've done that's also specific to the home, if that's a special thing to them also. So that's really handy.

Kristin Brown (00:23:07) - Yeah. Well, and even wanting like the same chef experience, I mean, we've had some clients where they'll come into whichever destination, say Scottsdale, and they fall in love with the service so much that then they, we've actually have flown our chefs up to Seattle and Portland and some other destinations Oh wow. With that specific chef because they were so overwhelmed by the service and experience they had had. Oh, wow. Wow. And even like one of our massage therapists, her name is Jill, and we like to say that you've been jilled words, basically <laugh>,

Kristin Brown (00:23:37) - You turn into a pile butter after. Right. But she's incredible. But same thing. I mean that's, at the end of the day, people want what they want and we are here to provide that for them. Um, yeah. But I think, you know, not only is it a measure of our concierge team doing this for the guests, but it's truly even a measure of who we work with, who our vendors are. Um, and really they're an extension of our brand and our identity and, you know, we only wanna work with the best best and cuz they're really providing that service through the follow through. Right. And so, um, it's just the best way to build relationships all the way around that.

Alex Husner (00:24:15) - Do you have access, do you know where the guest booked? Like do you see if it's an Airbnb guest or if it's a repeat guest for the property manager or anything like that?

Kristin Brown (00:24:25) - Um, no. So we normally, we, so we actually have a web app, which is how the guests connect with us. Um, once they book the home with the property manager, the property manager then pushes our information on our behalf. Um, and then we start the engagement of services for the guests. So. Okay.

Alex Husner (00:24:45) - So you're, you're not seeing it. I was just, I was asking outta curiosity. I was just wondering if you to be able to measure, like are you getting, is it most of their direct business that's interested in these types of services? I would think it would be, I'd be more of direct business than OTA guests that would be using these services, but I could be wrong. That'd be interesting to know.

Kristin Brown (00:25:06) - Um, it's kind of a blend. So good portion is direct business. Definitely. And especially as they're all trying to branch out, build that for themselves, you know? Yeah.

Kristin Brown (00:25:16) - Again, on the service and yeah, we give them real estate on the websites, um, or we provide that for their websites, for our service and everything too. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But I would say, you know, it's actually been a huge draw factor in why people will book a vacation rental over another is because they know they have a service complimentary through their stay, um, where we're doing all the planning, arranging, coordinating for them, and again, they don't have to lift a finger. So mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it's kind of, it's been too fascinating for us, but definitely I think from the repeat side, it's direct business and they'll go and they'll book again with that property manager because they know that we're their partner and they'll want us to service them again.

Alex Husner (00:25:57) - Yeah, absolutely. Do you

Kristin Brown (00:25:58) - Guys, um, so you are in, how many markets did you say you're in right now? Um, right now we're technically in 10 markets. Okay. Three. But again, we can be anywhere essentially. Yeah. Certain markets we've turned on that, you know, will turn on for two weeks for our guests or for a client traveling certain city, and then Sure. Move on from there. So Yeah. By,

Alex Husner (00:26:20) - By turn on. Do you, if you don't know anybody in that market, like how are you finding the partners to work with? Like what, what is that? I mean, uh, part of your skill is obviously relationships, right? And building, finding these partners and getting 'em, engage with them and bring them into this. So what does that process look like when you're getting started at a market?

Kristin Brown (00:26:40) - Yeah, so for a new destination, for example, if it's something that's a quick one-time, um, need for a grid mm-hmm. We will actually fly in different vendors from other markets that Oh, really? Wow. Yeah. That way they know they have the execution of the service and everything that they wanted, uh, which is great. Now, if it's a market that we're turning on with the vacation rental partner per se, um, we normally take about 30 to 60 days to turn on a new destination, and then that way we have time to build out our network and vendors and all of that. Um, big cities are always easy because again, from my background and my team's background, I mean, we have so many relationships all over the country, um, especially in the hotel space and everything like that. But, you know, it, it kind of, we've been able to cherry pick which places we've wanted to go to.

Kristin Brown (00:27:30) - Sure. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, that makes sense for us in as well as our vacation rental partners. So, you know, but again, I mean, we're here ultimately to serve. So certain cities that we've gone into will just help with local recommendations, whether it's restaurant reservations or golf tea times, or you know, hiking and that kind of thing. It might not be a true in-home experience, um, where you're doing private or misuse or whatnot, but again, it's taking care of the guest and what they need ultimately. I was curious, um, the, my initial thought was, are you partnering with anybody broadly from a, like a, a vacation rental standpoint, like a larger company that might be in multiple markets? And one of the things that the industry kind of suffers from is, is a definition of what the industry is. So it's like everybody's trying to stand out and build their brand.

Kristin Brown (00:28:17) - And, and the way they do that is, is by providing services and mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, providing something that can be consistent and especially if there are multiple markets providing that level of consistency. So do you see yourself as something that you would partner with again, like Alex is currently with Casa, they're a franchise brand that, you know, kind of growing around the world. Like is it something that you would go into that realm or do you like to be more with like the boutiquey, um, smaller home rental services? Yeah, I mean, we're more so positioned right now for the boutique style. Um, I have a heart for more of a smaller mom and pop style vacation shuttle partners loves obviously the big companies and what they're doing and trailblazing and stuff like that too. But most of them have the infrastructure where they can provide these services themselves, right?

Kristin Brown (00:29:06) - Yeah. And so we're really the perfect fit for those that the inner can't find staff to be a concierge, um, to provide this type of service for the guests. They don't wanna spend years building up a network and vendors and all that thing. Sure. It's a ton of time. Um, but most importantly, I mean, we do offer a rev share option. So we're really, the way that we're situated is that our partners, not only are the guests receiving the service, but they're also now making money off of our service. Um, and that's where we've become a win-win in our relationship with our partners. Um, for me, I'm here to really give back and to help people. And I think, you know, depending on what that partner needs and what that looks like for them, I would say the boutique style is definitely, it seemed to be a great fit for us.

Kristin Brown (00:29:58) - Um mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but again, still open, you know? Yeah. That looks like <laugh>. Yeah. I I just, I was just curious. Yeah, I was just curious if that was like any, anything you've modeled out. I mean, it speaks to a lot of our audience at the, on this podcast is people that are, are smaller operators and we've actually surprisingly found there's a lot of people that are newer in the industry and maybe have one or two, you know, units or couple of homes somewhere. And we, they'll reach out to us and ask us questions like, how should I try to fill up my unit when there's nothing going on? Like, what can I be doing mm-hmm. <affirmative> and it's services like yours that we can recommend or like we do recommend in various areas, like, you know, really make sure that you're engaging with your local restaurants and attractions and your DMO and, and those type of things. And so what you're doing, I think is, is something that is gonna be able to take these smaller businesses and le and like level up the service that they, they want to provide. But like you said, they just don't have the bandwidth or the, you know, the, the know-how to do it.

Alex Husner (00:30:53) - And I, I would imagine there could potentially be an opportunity, I don't know if you get these requests, but if people love the service that you've given them in a certain destination, do they ever ask you about do you know vacation rentals in other destinations? I mean, high end properties, that's, you know, I feel like you could be able to do refer actual business to property managers too.

Kristin Brown (00:31:11) - Yeah. We've actually, we've done that quite a bit. Again, that f NFL there commute a home, but here he's mid-flight flying to Arizona and the person that he had booked with cancel on him while he's in the air and he's coming to town. Oh wow. Oh, <laugh>. Yeah. And so we actually reached out to one of our partners and not only did they have the perfect home available for them, which was a blessing for us, um, yeah. But within their budget, everything hadn't all stopped ready to go. I mean, bells and whistles ready within, I think it was three and a half hours. Um, we like to say three hours is like our time zone <laugh>, right? Yeah.

Alex Husner (00:31:47) - What

Kristin Brown (00:31:47) - Three task requests we get. Yeah. But not, it was a blessing. I mean, that partner made I think like 25 grand off one booking and here they, you know, we referred that to them, so That's awesome. Yeah. And we're never going to be in the business of, um, managing, you know,

Alex Husner (00:32:04) - Ota. Yeah, yeah,

Kristin Brown (00:32:06) - Yeah. No, we're really the backend for this service. Um, and again, my heart is to make it a win-win relationship where Yeah. Are referring even business to our partners. Cause again mm-hmm. You know, that trusted relationship with the guest, at the end of the day, they wanna know that the house they're booking is exactly what they're booking. And I think mm-hmm. <affirmative>, that's sometimes some trouble with s um, at least in the past. I know it's getting much better now with all the new policies and all that coming into play. But I mean, I think back in infancy of Airbnb, when you go book a house and the pictures look phenomenal, then you walk in and it's completely opposite <laugh>, right?

Alex Husner (00:32:44) - Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and think Yeah.

Kristin Brown (00:32:46) - Or whatever's happening. And so, you know, whereas the guests that come to us and if they ask for that, we're able to recommend, Hey, X, y, z villas or homes or this partner is great. We know that they'll take care of you at the level we will. Um, and so again, the insurance is that relationship and, you know, puts money back in our partner's pockets too, which just they love. So.

Alex Husner (00:33:08) - Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Kristin Brown (00:33:09) - I always ask the weird questions on the show, that's kind of my, my wheelhouse here. What is the oddest request that you've ever had? Obviously, pause.

Alex Husner (00:33:18) - Pause real quick, <laugh> quick. I, as you asked that last question, Annie a little bit ago about like, have you ever had a strange request for this? It is so funny. Like, I, I feel like you always want to find somebody that's gonna say something. So off the wall, cuz you've asked us in other quote

Kristin Brown (00:33:37) - Happened beach market and I've like been like read to riders with like, I can't wait

Alex Husner (00:33:42) - In wait until somebody has a crazy story for you.

Kristin Brown (00:33:45) - I mean, I've experienced some really nutty stuff myself, so I know that there's stuff out there and a lot of times you can't talk about it. But I mean, let's face it, there's, there's some cool story though out there. I'm sure you've got some great one.

Alex Husner (00:33:55) - I love it. <laugh>, I mean

Kristin Brown (00:33:57) - There's many here. Wish I could disclose to you.

Alex Husner (00:33:59) - <laugh>. That's

Kristin Brown (00:34:01) - Ality.

Alex Husner (00:34:01) - I can't Kristen

Kristin Brown (00:34:04) - Together.

Alex Husner (00:34:07) - That's right.

Kristin Brown (00:34:08) - I mean, I think, goodness, I don't know. I mean most of the guests they, it's pretty even keel as far as requests like we had to do. Um, let's see, like one time we had a client that wanted instead of like a keg of beer for their event or whatever, they wanted the keg of root beer cause it's for a kids party. So I think that was just like a little difficult to find and random Yeah. Beer, but we were able to do it. Um, yeah. But yeah, I mean I think as far as like all requests, I'm trying to think of like what's strange. I mean to concierge it's like everyone, it's probably nothing is strange. Right?

Alex Husner (00:34:47) - Nothing.

Kristin Brown (00:34:49) - I think that one of the most rewarding was, um, this one client we had taken care of. They, it was their son's birthday and here, you know, they've already have done a lot of the extravagant experiences for his birthday every year. And they wanted to go whale watching off the Uck Island and Oh

Alex Husner (00:35:08) - Yeah,

Kristin Brown (00:35:09) - Yeah. And we were able to find this specific naturalist who not only took them on their boat to this area where was infiltrated with humpback whales, but there was I think over 50, there were 50 dolphins, a hundred humpback.

Alex Husner (00:35:28) - Oh my gosh, that's so cool. Medium zone.

Kristin Brown (00:35:31) - Oh my gosh. Yes. And what was so rewarding was the guest response afterwards and even the little kid and they're like, we don't know how we're gonna top his birthday ever again. <laugh> that. Right? And so for us, I mean, it's more so again like being faced with some challenges and like, well how do you know we're exactly to go off Nantucket island that's gonna bring you to the feeding ground where all these humpbacks are and this naturalist Yeah. Schedule and took care of it for us. So, you know, we're more so we get challenging requests, I would say, rather than odd <laugh>. But again, that's what we're here for and we love to make it happen for them, so.

Alex Husner (00:36:13) - Oh, I love that. I love that. Well, it's, uh, incredible to see what you've built in a very short amount of time. And I think guest experience is something that we all talk about as an industry and how important it is. It's important whether you're in hotels or any type of accommodation, but within vacation rentals, I think there's a level of expectation and standards that has to be a little bit higher. And I think you're doing an incredible job with that. So we're excited to see you continue to grow into more cities and hopefully just spread your wings further. So we, we wish you nothing but the best of luck this year.

Kristin Brown (00:36:46) - Thank you. And it was such an honor to spend time with you ladies today. And you know, any of your listeners or anyone that needs our help, we'd love to help take care of you and your guests, but also everyone listening to Alex Ne, they're incredible.

Alex Husner (00:36:59) - Oh, thank you. We're, it's our guest. Our guests are the secret to it. That's the best part about it. <laugh> literally is true. If, um, if anybody wants to contact you, Kristen, what's the best way to get in touch?

Kristin Brown (00:37:11) - Yep. So if you wanted to go to our website, concierge, um, there's our web form you can fill out for more information there if you want to a potential partner with us and we can get started.

Alex Husner (00:37:25) - Great. Sounds good. Wonderful. If anybody wants to contact Annie and I, you can go to Alex and annie And until next time, thank you for tuning in everyone. Thank you.

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Kristin is the CEO of Concishare, a lifestyle concierge management company, providing luxury services to guests staying in vacation rental homes. Her passion is to reignite the heart of hospitality while giving guests the most unforgettable experiences with the ones they travel with most. Concishare provides arranging and planning of local experiences and in home services for guests throughout the country, with a desire to give your guests back life's most precious commodity, time.