Alex & Annie

This is worth every second of listening!

This is worth every second of listening! Alex, Annie and Amber build a roadway that takes you from guessing to knowing. The marketing world has evolved intellectually and from a perspective of new technologies, but this team understands that she who delivers the big question "To what end?" is truly the ones who add real value. Amber adds how to fashion a brand vision, determine what really matters to your clients/customers - and to your intellectual shareholders. Better still, she recognizes that she also has to manage and develop her personal brand as the world changes these days. Everyone will learn something new about themselves in the marketing/branding world, and how to find their own value. Amber calls it "coaching" without the rah-rah. They all go beyond just being "influencers".

It won't be long before Alex & Annie sit down and write the definitive book about branding in the post-COVID world. They'll answer the big point - "to what end." After spending the $40MM ad/pr/digital budget - they are deep and brave enough to look inside and outside their organizations to provide the answer.

Marketing/branding is a tap-dance to the viewers and users. How well you tap depends upon your contact with the ground, and the shoes you wear. Listen to how A&A&A get grounded, and then where they buy their tap shoes!
A&A&A - you all are smooth as butter on the podcast. To think that this is only the second podcast! Wow!!!

Nov. 17, 2021 by AHusner on Apple Podcasts

Alex & Annie